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私自身は、パリ・ソルボンヌ大学にて地理学の専攻を通じてフランスの自然や文化に深く触れる機会を得ました。Maison Michaでは、言語学習だけでなく、フランスの文化やライフスタイルについても楽しく学ぶ場を提供していきます。




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Hello, everyone! My name is Micha.

The word "maison" in Maison Micha, which means "home," embodies the warmth and comfort that I hold dear.

French is a global language and the fifth most spoken language in the world, and its importance is growing. Learning a language brings significant advantages in international business and career opportunities.

France, with its long history and traditions, has had a global influence in various fields such as art, literature, philosophy, and film. The refined flavors of French cuisine, the elegance of fashion, and the captivating sounds of its music have charmed people worldwide.

I have a deep attachment to both French and Japanese cultures, as I have roots in both France and Japan. I had the opportunity to deeply explore the natural beauty and culture of France through my major in geography at the University of Paris-Sorbonne.


At Maison Micha, we aim to provide a space where you can not only learn the language but also enjoy discovering French culture and lifestyle.

French is a wonderful tool for promoting global communication and fostering exchanges with different cultures.

May Maison Micha be a classroom that opens doors to a new world for each individual, like a "home."



I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our lessons as well as translating & interpreting services. Please contact me by e-mail.

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